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We would love to see you this Sunday!

At New Canaan you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following Jesus and growing disciples.

From the moment you step inside you can expect to feel welcome.

Service Times

You can join us as a guest to any of our weekly gatherings:

Morning Worship •  Sundays at 11:00a

Catalyst Youth Study • Sundays at 6:00p
Check our calendar for Sunday night services

Prayer Gathering • Wednesdays at 6:30p
Catalyst Students Meet Downstairs


We are a group of people committed to loving Jesus in all things we do. We sing and we pray together. We listen and we learn together. We laugh and we cry together. We understand that the church is not a building or a place. It is a people. And we are like family at New Canaan. You are welcome here.

As the lead teaching pastor, Pastor Justin has a gift of diving deep into the Scriptures. If you are longing to hear how God’s Word is still speaking to us today, this is the place for you.  You can meet the rest of our staff in our about section.


With the surge in COVID-19 Delta cases, we have updated our guidelines below:

Want to wear a mask? Bring it!

We won’t look at you funny. If you want to wear one, that is your personal choice.

Social distancing isn’t required

We currently do not have socially-distant assigned seating. However we ask that everyone try to not breathe on each other.

Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands

This is a good idea no matter what. We’ve got lots of the stuff, so please use it.

If you feel sick, stay home & watch online

Online services are here to stay, forever. We spent too much time and money to stop it now. The benefit is if your sick, regardless of what bug you’ve got, you can keep it to yourself and watch from home.

RSVP’ing not required (for now)

Since we no longer have assigned seating, we will not need you to RSVP anymore.

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Let's Connect

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